As memorable as it was about 11 years ago

User Rating: 9 | Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX PS3
I was hoping to play these games in high-definition one day and I was finally able to. What's so great about this HD 1.5 ReMIX collection is that we don't only get the first Kingdom Hearts, but we get Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix which was originally out in Japan. There's new cutscenes, even the Deep Dive movie which you can get after doing all the side quests and get the Ultima Keyblade, all that. It's just great to see our favorite characters in full 1080p resolution. That game looks as good as it did years ago as a PS2 title. As for Re: Chain of Memories, I've already played it on the Game Boy Advance many years ago so this one wasn't so new to me except for probably the final boss, Marluxia. After taking some time to understand the card system, it was easy to enjoy the game.As for 358/2 Days, it's just easy trophies which you will earn by viewing the diaries and watching the cutscenes. All 358/2 Days is, is a compilation of every cutscene without gameplay because obviously, who wants to do all those coin and shadow blob missions? Not me. One thing I noticed in that game was some very badly pixelated scenes, especially towards some of the scenes in the final days where Roxas is in The World That Never Was but it's later upscaled. Despite all that, if you love the Kingdom Hearts series, this is something you shouldn't overlook. Kingdom Hearts is still the same masterpiece it once was in its PS2 days.