Kingdom Hearts gains new life as THE FINAL MIX VERSION FINALLY HITS THE US

User Rating: 9 | Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX PS3
Hardcore KH fans unite! Kingdom Hearts final mix is finally in regions other than Japan. I finally finished my play through and the magic is still there. The new HD makeover is just what the game needed as the graphics look better than ever. Characters still suffer from what I call "puppet face" though, which is something I thought they would fix. The final mix version includes new moves and new boss battles along with other additions that make the game that much better. Ripple Drive was my favorite new finishing combo because it makes your finisher look flashy and powerful. The god awful platforming is still there which brought me back in a bad way. Deep jungle is still as infuriating as ever. With new additions and HD graphics, Kingdom Hearts final mix is brought to life again in stunning fashion. NOTE: go to my review for chain of memories to see what I think about it (since it is exactly the same game for the most part).

1. HD graphics look stunning
2. Great additions like new boss battles, new keyblades and new abilities
3. Redone music sounds fantastic
4. Improves the game with reaction commands without ruining the nostalgia
5. 2 games and a movie packed into 1 disc

1. The horrendous platforming will infuriate fans and newcomers a like....again
2. Characters still mostly have "puppet face" (if you are a fan you will know)