Pretty fun sequel to a very fun game.

User Rating: 7.5 | Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories GBA
Chain of Memories is the "sequel" to Playstation 2's fan hit-Kingdom Hearts. It's actually not much of a sequel because Kingdom Hearts II is supposed to be. I always thought of this game as what happens in between Kingdom Hearts and KHII. If you are unfamilar with the series, basically Square-Enix took two well known, popular subjects and mixed them together. Those subjects are Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.

At first fans are like, "This is going to be for little kids, I'm not playing this!" But surprisingly, it became very popular, and one of the most popular modern games. But both the GBA and PS2 versions have glitches. Since this is a review for the GBA so I won't get deep into the PS2 counterpart.

I'll start with graphics. The in game graphics, you know are just what a Gameboy Advance game should be. It's above average a lot better than certain GBA games, but it's also not the greatest either. What is impressive is that the game actually has a few FMV cutscenes. Not very many, but you will see some. This is impressive, and probably the first time we've seen this done on GBA. The cutscenes certainly don't look up to par with the Playstation 2 cutscenes, but they do look about equivilant to the Final Fantasy cutscenes on the original Playstation.

There is no voice acting, which was a key part from the original even though it wasn't the best bu the music is pretty good. Remember Traverse Town? Will it's very repetitive music is back in Chain of Memories. In fact, most of the music is back in Chain of Memories, the good and the bad. It just sounds worse on the Gameboy Advance's smaller speakers. You'll also here Sora grunt and make noises while attacking in a battle but other than that there is not too much for the sound effects. Overall, most of the music and sound is pretty good, but nothing above that.

The gameplay is a lot different than what it was before. Before it was a hack and slash RPG, but now it is a card based RPG. This annyoed me when I heard about it, but it is actuallly pretty fun. The main problems is that a lot of the time your just mashing on A, it all happens so fast a lot of the time you don't know what your doing. The dialogue is still pretty good, and thankfully Gummi Ship parts have been taken out.