NICE...but i never play this,but i play it on my pc...i only ply it half story..sob,but nvm,i see it at comic

User Rating: 8.7 | Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories GBA
erm...this must so nice and cool~~i see the comic,ok,i knw all the story now,so i can knw why Riku be the XIII's member,and why was mickey will..."story so long,the comic only 2...hahah~the keychain of memories~
i see the comic and i oredi the games about...

What made the original Kingdom Hearts for the PlayStation 2 so endearing was not so much its action gameplay, but more the fascinating world it created using Final Fantasy and Disney characters. In a lot of ways, the same can be said for Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. While the real-time card-battling system has its issues and the exploration elements cross a lot of familiar ground, Chain of Memories still creates an interesting place where Disney worlds and Final Fantasy cameo appearances work together well. This game is clearly aimed at hooking existing fans of the developing Kingdom Hearts series, and those fans will get the most value out of Chain of Memories. that my think~
get it ply,niice