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Ok so I have finished everything in the report area for Aqua except for the area where it shows the records for your d-links. I have leveled up all of them, but 626 Random Beam (I believe it is called) does not show. When I went back to try this move only 626/stitch's last move activates. I can't figure out how to get his first finish to activate... Any suggestions? Its the last thing I have to do before I have finished all three of them 0_0
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Alright, if you want to switch the D-Link Finishers, Press Start > Go to D-Links > Go SPECIFICALLY to Experiment 626's D-Link, and press X > It should show you a screen that says Experiment 626 then Skill Set, and it will show all 8 of his Battle Commands > The bottom of the screen will say something like "Use L/R to switch between Normal and Advanced" > Switch to Normal (which is Random Beam) by pressing L or R. The highlighted Finisher is the one that is currently equipped. You can do this with any D-Link, should you feel the need to.