KH3D is a great new title in the series that will excite fans and CONTINUE THE STORY IN EARNEST.

User Rating: 8.5 | Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance 3DS
The wait is finally over, the long awaited follow up to KH2 is here, and it is an impressive one. One thing that struck me immediately was the size of the worlds and the fantastic 3d. Going through huge environments like Trons the grid and Traverse Town was a real treat. Flowmotion is a fantastic addition that lets you get through these big environments while also laying the hurt on your enemies. I really couldn't picture another KH game without flowmotion. The new drop gauge adds depth to your battle strategy, as I had to make sure to keep an eye on it, especially before a boss battle. The story is fantastic and has plenty of twists and turns that fans will enjoy. On the downside, getting your abilities through Dream Eaters is annoying, because you have to keep them in your party in order to keep them, and some important abilities take too long to get. On the story side, the story has a really slow start which can be a little daunting, especially if your a fan of the series. All in all KH3D is a 3DS game that should not be missed by fans and should be considered by new comers.

1. Huge new environments with fantastic looking 3d effects
2. Great story with twists and turns that continues the adventure in earnest
3. Dream Eaters are great new battle partners
4. Flowmotion adds a lot of fun to the gameplay
5. Drop gauge provides depth to your game strategy
6. Great boss battles

1. Story has a dauntingly slow start
2. Getting abilities through dream eaters is annoying
3. Environments have no other life besides the main characters
4. Dive levels are somewhat short and easy