Why Spirits?

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I know I have missed Kingdom Hearts, as I have just recently picked up a 3DS and this was the first handheld iteration I have played outside of picking up 358/2 for a few minutes a long time ago with my friends DS.  Why not just give us Donald and Goofy as our helpers they both played roles and were good at them.  I think they also added something to the story.  Spirits seem kind of wierd and pokemon-ish and although it's not really 'bad' I just find it doesn't really feel like the Kingdom Hearts games I remember when I catch myself hoping I have enough whatever to make a new spirit.  

Anyways I don't really want to make this sound like I'm bashing the spirits, in reality I don't mind a lot.  I just sort of miss Goofy and Donald and think adding in Link Abilitys and some of those type of things into those characters would have been really cool.

Is their a storyline reason they are not there with us? 

From what I have gathered this is the last game chronologically.  Where as a few of the other handheld versions filled in gaps in the storyline.

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Indeed. I was a little sad/disappointed when I found out that Goofy and Donald wouldn't be my companions in battle and in the cutscenes.

Having said that, I do not, and no one else, knows how the whole KH storyline will pan out. It's very likely the dream eaters will have a good spot in the story and perhaps aid future plot lines. (I hope at least...)

I still miss Goofy and Donald though /: