Spoiler Alert* Kairi and Axel as a Keyblade weilder Yay or Nei

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Voice your opinions here.

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Yay for both especially Kairi, It would have been sad that the three of them(Sora, Riku and Kairi) wouldn't be fighting together and having axel/Lea with a keyblade makes him even cooler. Also more keyblade users may mean more playable characters or at the least a more intense story

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I see why Nomura is going down this route typical childhood friend tired of supporting her friends on the sidelines and seeing them go off with the posibility they don't come back bit so they want to help them and the world get through (insert plot here bit). It is a classic for anime and games, however I'd have to say nei for Kairi as a keyblade wielder because to me they way her character was built and the kind of aura she gives off doesn't make her suited as for it. As for Axel, yay because he has the bad a$$ charm working for him.

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I'm all for Axel & Kairi as Keyblade wielders. I love Axel because he's such a cool character & being a Keyblade wielder makes him cooler. Also, I think Kairi should learn how to use a Keyblade so Sora or Riku don't need run off and save her.
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Lea wielding a Keyblade is fanservice, seeing as how he's one of the popular characters of KH over at Japan. Of course, that doesn't mean it's a bad idea, just that the motivation for his new characteristic is due to fandom influence. Meanwhile, Kairi is just giving her some more spotlight, seeing as how she was part of KH1's plot, a little bit of CoM's, had a small damsel in distress role in 2, had little involvement in Days, made a cameo in BbS, nothing in coded and she finally gets some more spotlight, seeing as how she's a Princess and a light wielder, making her a want-want on Xehanort's end.