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I just finished Kingdom Hearts I and want to start a new one. I want to play them in the order of release but I am not sure which one to start next!! KH: Chains of Memories came out before KH II but KH: Re: Chains of Memories came after KH II-should I start with KH II or KH: Re: Chains of Memories???

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re:Chain of Memories is a remake of Chain of Memories. It's the same game, but just with new graphics and the environment is like the other Kingdom Heartses, as in not pseudo-3D like the GBA Chain of Memories.

Chain of Memories' storyline takes place before Kingdom Hearts II, so play re:Chain of Memories first.

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CoM is like KH1.5, meaning it's a bridge between the original and the sequel (much to how KH3D is to KH3). You don't necessarily need to play it to know what's going on in the second installment, but it's good to experience things before hand and have a general grasp on what the going is.
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The order that you NEED to play the KH series in. TRUST ME! and take it from a die hard fan since 2002. It is crucial to the story that you play them in this order. After I had completed them in order of release I found that yoko said that this was the order of story, so I replayed like this, and had a much better understanding of the series.

1. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by sleep

2. Kingdom Hearts

3. Days 1-24 of 358/2 of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 days

4. Kingdom hearts RE: Chain of memories(/25-27 of 358/2)

5. rest of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2

6. Kingdom Hearts II

7. Kingdom Hearts: RE: Coded

8. KH 3d dream drop distance

I WOULD PLAY KH RE COM THEN 358/2 DAYS. Cuz its easier that way than switching between the two halfway.

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