Sucks...Really it SUCKS! The worst thing that could happen to KH series!!

User Rating: 1 | Kingdom Hearts MOBI
Waste of time, waste of money, waste of the kingdom hearts concept!
How could they **** up kingdom hearts this bad? I mean I'm a HUGE fan of kingdom hearts, but this piece of crap makes me just wanna cry, really dont get it, even if it is offered for free, DONT! You'll be haunted for life because they made a game this bad, man I never saw a game that was as bad as this one. Too bad 1.0 is the lowest score because I would rate it UNDER ZERO. Don't get me wrong I love Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2, they are brilliant but thats just why dis game feels even worse because its based on a GREAT GAME. And where did the great story go, huh? Where is disnay for christs sake, what wore they thinking when they make this crap? 1.0 MINUS!!!

Why? Its a rip off without the good elements of KH: what did take was the bad camera. The gameplay is boring , unispired, music sucks and the graphics are awful! Why make sora look so good? The rest looks like its from the early years of gaming. Conclusion: STAY AWAY FROM THIS UHM 'GAME'