WOW, MORE of this PLEASE!!

User Rating: 10 | Kingdom Come: Deliverance PC

Absolutely gorgeous and outstandingly beautiful, innovative awesome realistic historical masterpiece.

A game that kickstarted the history genre based RPG games, showing that it can work and that it DOES work with historical realistic games, even if no fantasy elements are involved.

A game with which to compare all the ones before and the ones to come in this genre. Interesting and realistic sword-fighting mechanics, beautiful and realistic reconstruction of real-life medieval cities and villages.

Fantastic story, that you won't forget in the years to come, with great characters.

Graphics: 10 beautiful graphics, great details, best forest I've seen in a videogame so far.

Gameplay: 10 The mechanics, the multitude of different encounters. Fighting was never easy, yet never boring.

Sound: 10 Fantastic medieval soundtrack and perfect sound overall.

Atmosphere: 10 You feel like you are Henry and live in medieval Czech Republic.

Story: 9 Well written story, strongly and richly crafted characters, cut scenes, just beautiful. You will cry and you will laugh with tears - it has everything. Only minus, personal opinion, story felt kind of cut short at the end.

Realism: 10

Negative: Very very buggy, almost unplayable in early days.

Positive: Everything else

Overall: 10/10 and I want more of this.

I laughed and cried with Henry and am planning to go to the Czech Republic soon.