Increased my list of things to do in Czech Republic

User Rating: 10 | Kingdom Come: Deliverance PC

Fascinating game. I am not the biggest fan of Middle Age themed games exactly because of the magical stuff and dragons and whatever, I gave a try to this one due to its adaptable history to choices and open world reviews, and the game was a great surprise! Combining reality from graphs to history environment, habits, and culture with a great gameplay.

The combat style is much more based on strategy, equipment, and mainly movements than the usual, so it may not be friendly for any player, you can't fight a whole group of enemies by yourself, but still if you are looking for entertainment with reality, this is a great one. The historic events, places to visit, as well as the habits of NPCs, everything based on an European society in the transition between Middle and Modern Age, so you find how the story shows religious impact, minimal social mobility, inequality, fear on characters and decisions being an important part for the player to decide how to talk to each one.

The missions are great to take hours of playing. It is not repetitive, even side missions, which help you to understand the characters and the society, and gain rewards that make the game easier if needed. I also recommend the DLCs by the way, all of them. The open world is well balanced, since from the interactive places and objects to the world of action, challenges, and characters. I liked the distribution of time for locomotion, the different kind of challenges or interactions you may have on your way. I liked the fact of from come and go during missions you learn the paths and the environment without checking the map the whole time (unless when you are lost) just because it is really entertaining.

I think some things could make the game better. The balance of avoiding starving and the inventory management are too easy to be dominated, it could be more realistic to keep the proposal of the game. I missed a good scale of weather. You don't freeze, a lot of the history is crossed during the gameplay and there is no impact of Seasons, the rain has few influence, as well as sunny days. Even though the game lose nothing about its main proposals.

Finally, it is really a great game experience. I wonder if the creators are working on a new release, or sequel, and with no questions I would visit each of the cities and historical buildings shown in the game if going to Czech any time in the future. Certainly it would be a great additional experience.