A must play for RPG fans but buggy

User Rating: 8 | Kingdom Come: Deliverance PC

As far as RPG concepts go this one takes the cake. It is the most realistic game i have ever played. You get dirty, if your horse stinks you stink, your gear gets worn out and if it is destroyed then it is beyond repair, combat is as realistic as possible and the leveling system is a thing to marvel as you only gain levels through hands on experience. The story so far is compelling and the characters are well written. The world around you is a living breathing system and things will happen even without you. However they got a bit lazy with non important faces and as such you will encounter the same faces over and over. All in all one should play the game not with video game logic but as they would treat real life to thoroughly enjoy the game. All is good and dandy until you reach the technical aspect of the game. Unfortunately it is not a polished game and is infested with bugs that some many claim it should be in beta and not released to the public. Even though these bugs are not necessarily game breaking, it causes frustration and alongside the long loading times it detracts from full immersion.

Below is a breakdown of key components of the game with my rating

Graphics 8/10: Graphics are actually good but they are not what i would call groundbreaking.

World design 9/10: The world is lush and full of detail and really represents a medieval era style.

Character design 6/10: Clothing and especially main characters faces are intricately detailed. Common NPC though have the same face over and over.

Sound 6/10: Again nothing groundbreaking it does the job nicely, however on a surround system it doesn't really work, it's either left or right in most instances.

Music 7/10: some musical pieces are nice and representative of the era but in many cases they are either on or off, they do fade in or fade out naturally.

Game concept 10/10: The concept and realism of the game is what makes it stand out. They are unique and welcomed.

Gameplay 8/10: With lockpicking fixed; combat and horse riding are a joy. You need to learn how to properly shoot with a bow though and that takes time.

Technical 5/10: The game is riddled with bugs unfortunately, nothing too game breaking but it detracts from the whole experience. Clipping issues, falling to your death while using a bench in some occasions, and rare, random game crashes and quite long loading scenes even when simply talking to NPC's, and some quests go unfinished because the quest giver has disappeared might as well died or fooled you I don't know.

Game allure 10/10: Totally subjective, as the game draws me to play it more and more for hours and hours

Average Score: 7.66/10