King of the Road Cheats For PC

  1. Cheats

    Press the Pause/Break button to pause the game, then type in


    Unpause the game, then enter any of the codes while game is paused.

    slturbine code
    Ctrl + 1 = Thrust forward
    Ctrl + 2 = Thrust backwards
    Ctrl + 3 = "Bunny-hop" vehicle
    Ctrl + 4 = Rock car back and forth (can be used to put vehicle on it's wheels again)

    (Tested on ver. 1.3)

    Effect Effect
    slroads All roads unlocked
    sllottery Give $50,000 and a license
    mineoff No mines
    slrepair Press [BKSP] to repair your vehicle
    slrecover Press Ctrl + 5 for a free "911" call
    slmap Show all hidden containers on map
    slturbine Thrust in various directions (see descirption above)
    slfillup Unlimited fuel

    Contributed by: camintmier