NO , sorry but NO

User Rating: 6 | King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame PC
Ok here goes , I will start with the good stuff

The good things :
1- A lot easier than the 1st king arthur ( which was impossible)
2- A real good mix of strategy and RPG 3- Eventhough a single guy does voice acting for all races ,all genders, all ages and almost everything in the game ..........he is good !
4- Alot of fuss has been made about how you don't earn money each turn and you have to defeat armies to gain money . Dont worry about it , you gain alot of money after each battle so it won't be a problem
5-Diplomatic system is great
6- I realy enjoyed it !

At this point of the review you must be wandering why I gave this game such a low rating if I enjoyed it that much and 2 options come to your mind 1- he is crazy 2- he meant 9 not 6 well here is why :

The bad things :
4- Still the army fights silently , there should be some noise ,right ? 5-Bugs
6-Bugs 7 to 100 - Bugs !

1st bug you will likely encounter : No mouse curse !
2nd bug you will encounter every few minutes : the game freezes and exits !
3rd bug you encounter often : you have to auto resolve some battles as the game exits each time you battle this certain army !

So if you decide to play this game for a while before you are fed up with the bugs , it is fun :)

Here are some points that might frustrate you ( If you decide to play) and I swear they aren't spoilers before you start cursing and swearing :
-Armies dont need food like King arthur 1 ( they are on a diet)
-You can't split armies so stop trying and reading forums -Always read the legends section of the chronicles as they always contain answers for the riddles ( not all the time but usually)

Hope the review helped you in anyway and made your life better :)