Deep, engrossing game that expands on the original, but still feels fresh and new.

User Rating: 10 | King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame PC
This game does have issues. I could not get it to load initially, but after asking for a refund, neocore helped and me figure out what was wrong, and I'm glad they did. I believe most of the negative reviews are based on technical problems that are making people understandably annoyed. The publisher has to start releasing games that are not riddles with bugs. However, once I figured out what to do (launch the game from the CoreTech2_x86.exe in the king arthur two directory with admin rights in my case, even though I'm on 64bit), I've had no problems. I'm also on a laptop with a dedicated card - nvidea 310m, which means the graphics are not as demanding as people are proclaiming.

That being said, this is one of the best games I've played. It is sophisticated and unique. Its a novel, role playing, dungeon crawling, real time strategy game all wrapped in one. It is dark and anything but cheesy. The voice acting a music is perfect for the darkly gorgeous landscape. The story lines are captivating. The fighting is good, but the addition of magic makes the strategy more compelling than games like total war.

On that note, this has almost nothing to do with total war. Their in the same genre, but similar only to the degree that all RTS games are similar. I love Shogun 2 for the quicker battle focused game play. King Arthur provides deep story telling elements that don't exist in other game in this genre.

Last note is, if you haven't played the original King Arthur, you should start there. There may not be another release, and after playing one, you'll be dying to get your hands on a second.

I hate that neocore released this game without better QA. It probably would have scored an 8 if it wasn't for the game launcher issues, and many more people would have bought it.