Good collection of a fabled story along with some Total War series likeness

User Rating: 9 | King Arthur Collection PC
I am about 20 hours into the game and I must say that this game is pretty good. The graphics are not state of the art but the game is polished and the graphics are still top notch. I have not had no issues with saves or any crashes or lag in the game, so stability seems to be good.

The game is the story of King Arthur and his knights of the round table that you can acquire over time. There are many side missions and choices that you have to make in order to drive the story to a darker side or a more lighter side. Old Pagan religion and Christianity plays a role in the game as well with choices you make and how you interact with certain missions. There are many features in the this game that make the depth of the game than just a plain ole war game. You can make your knights more loyal to you by giving them the power to govern over your territory which will in turn net you more food and gold for upgrades and upkeep of your armies. Many features that bring the game in good terms with the story and gameplay.

Combat is a big resemblance to the Total War series. I love the Total War series and the same concept of the Total War series is the same in King Arthur. Not to mention magic can play a role in the your knights abilities which help out at times. The healing spells can help when your army is hurting on the battle field. Also when your in combat you can hold key points on the battle field that net you a special advantage. For example you can hold a mill throughout the battle and if you still hold the mill at the end of the battle and win, you get extra food from the battle spoils that you earned. This can be quite valuable.

All in all a great game with good replay value and worth buying in my opinion.