Kinect Party Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    You cast fairy magic! Abracadabra
    You found a treasure chest filled with gold! ARRRRRRR!
    You played through every channel! Channel Surfer
    You got at least 2 players to throw money! Crowd Funding
    You breathed fire! Dragon's Breath
    You defeated every enemy in Hyperspace! Enter Your Initials
    You watched Fowl Ball! Fowl Ball
    You created the teacup constellation! I'm a Little Teacup
    You shared the wanted poster with gold blocks! I'm Your Huckleberry
    You powered up the Tesla Device while shooting lightning! It's ALIVE!!!
    You picked a channel to watch! Let Me Pick
    You used the darkroom! One Hour Photo
    You caught the desert fox! Outfoxed
    You filled up the camera roll! Shutterbug
    You've got a big living room! Six Pack
    You shared a photo! Social Butterfly
    You prepared extra awful popcorn for the scoop! Special Order!
    You broke every object in the bonus round! Way of the Fist
    You watched a photo recap! We Were So Young
    You got struck by lightning twice! What Are The Odds?

    Contributed by: Guard Master