The perfect game to entertain bored cousins during a family reunion

User Rating: 7 | Kinect Adventures! (w/Kinect) X360
Some games were made to be enjoyed when you're alone on Tuesday evening after dinner and some games were made to be enjoyed by you and your friends when everybody is drunk and ready to do stupid things. Kinect Adventures! fits perfectly in the second case. I'm not saying that you must not play it when you're by yourself, depressed and wanting a shoulder to cry on, but let's just say that the game gets old very quick. The game consists basically on five mini-games. Everything else in this game comes from these mini-games, meaning you'll have at least five variations of each mini-game. It is really fun in the beginning, but after you are playing the same mini-game over and over and over again, you will find out how boring it becomes, specially if you're playing alone. If you are one of those people who like to complete the games by grabbing all the achievements, it won't be the most pleasant experience ever.

Some things in the game are very amusing, like the fact that you can you your XBox Live avatar during the game (or any other avatars from other users you have in your video game console). After you go complete certain objectives, you get awards, that vary from new accessories for your avatar to recordable statues, which you can mess and upload in the Kinect Adventure website to show your friends. The funny thing in the whole story is that certain statues borrow data from your XBox profile, which means that you shouldn't be impressed if you manage to record something and see your friends' avatars dancing right beside you.

You can play the challenges either online or with a friend right beside you in the same scenario. Just... make sure you have enough space on your room. You know that punch your friend gave you in your stomach when you were playing? That will hurt. For days.