a game thats way too underated,it's not a halo killer but it deserves a good score only on it's gameplay not graphics.

User Rating: 8.9 | Killzone PS2
for years,i did'nt get this game because i thought it sucked and deserved the 6.9 it got,until i brought it.when i brought it and ploped it in the ps2 i was hooked,all of sudden the game that everyone said sucked was great,and actully fun.sure,the graphics sometimes act weird but so does halo 2 and it got a 9.4.not bashing it because i have it and love it.the controls were easy just to pick up the controller and play,no learning how to play a fps on ps2 or anything.it was like i was playing xbox,just with a slightly smaller controller.

believe it or not this game is a ps2 greatest hits so players must of really liked it.i honestly don't listen to what they say in the gaming magazines and websites,i judge a game when i pick up the controller and see it and hear it for myself.