FUN Multi-Player game, Good Single-player game, with visual problems.

User Rating: 8.4 | Killzone PS2
In going over the GS review I have to say The Story was good. non-complicated or twisting. But it set the mood for what was to come. True it is a little overly simple but. TRUE there are a lot of glitches, popup some old PS1 problems but to me it was not soo bad that it destroyed the game as the reviewer though. And the gritty film like look of the game is just great. The combat itself was FUN and challenging, true you wade through wave after wave of Helgast but in which game does this not happen. True they could have added other types of missions having the charters use tanks, ORV, ... to break up the action. Now the sound of Killzone is wonderful to me. Why, well it does not bog you down with "atmosphere sounds" that just make me crazy. play Halo and don't move and that simple sound in the background that is made up of like just a mew notes is irritating. None of that in Killzone. Just environmental noises and the sound of the gun. True the gun sound can be overwhelming but to people who have fired a gun it sound RIGHT. What was not even talked about in the Review which made it a great game was the Terrain. IT is the greatest. IN MP there is nothing better. There are hills and not Halo bumps in the ground but hills that you can climb and CAN'T see people who are on top. THE TERRAIN IS LIKE REAL LIFE. You can duck in a ditch behind a small hill unseen pop up and shoot some unsuspecting person walking by who does not see you. YOU can also do the same behind bushes, or on top of hills. This is one of its greats assets to me. In the end if the glitches get to you and pop-up bothers you then yea I can see why you would not like this game. but If not then this game is loads of fun.