A FPS which could have been a classic if it was not repetitive.

User Rating: 8 | Killzone PS2

This is my first review of a PS2 shooter. I could not not believe I could ever play a FPS games with a controller, but I did it. And I chose to play an instant classic of shooters: Killzone. You're Ian, a soldier in the future of humankind which is menaced with erasion by Hellghast, a race of mutants. But you and your comrades you get along the game can save the world.

The gameplay is pretty basic (and this is the reason for it's repetitiveness): you must shoot down the Hellghast soldiers. But sometimes it's very hard (especially if they use the grenade launcher) and you must choose the right time when to bring them down. You have many weapons you can choose from and the ammo can only be collected from the Hellgast dead soldiers.

The story is not much in my opinion and the strength of this game comes from the firefight.