Shadow Fall MP requests

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Gamescom will soon come upon us and I bet this will be the time Guerrilla reveals the mp for KZ Shadow Fall.  What do you hope they include?  What features of KZ2 and KZ3 mp do you wish they keep or get rid of?  Shadow Fall has alot to prove if its gonna battle BF4 at PS4 launch.

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2 things that I would like to see brought back from Kz2 for Kzsf is 32 player counts and the Server selection. 
From KZ3 I would like to see the tactical spawn points back and even expanded upon by adding more of them or new weapon spawns in those areas. If you got 4 minutes to burn I actually made a video about this on my youtube channel.  

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Coop campaign

A coop mode (like horde)

Splitscreen multiplayer

60 frames per second

Parcial destructivity (like in KZ2)

Jetpacks (add some verticality to the gameplay)