Killzone Shadow Fall Looked Awesome, What Are Your Thoughts

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Hey All

After watching the new Gameplay Trailer for Killzone Shadow Fall I was very impressed, although you will not notice a major leap as you did from Playstation 2 to Playstation 3 you will notice the difference in rendering as seen in the video. It looked lovely and polished, as long as this is the actual gameplay footage and not a mock up (cough....Aliens Colonial Marines E3 Demo).

Check out my new video to see gameplay footage and my thoughts on the game:

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Just watched it. Looks incredible! Haven't really seen anything on Shadowfall yet till now. I love everything about this game now and I am very intrigued on everything from the look to the story premise to the gameplay. I think its actually gonna be a killer app (and I'm not just saying that to justify my launch day preorder cause I am getting Battlefield and Fifa at launch)
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this will be the first game i buy on ps4! i would like to get fifa but i can't trust EA to deliver a solid, feature packed first up offering. I can trust Guerrilla though :) so i'm not basing my decision on the trailer, as good as it is. im basing it on KZ 1,2 and 3 being enjoyable and awesome!
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Cant wait.....seems so far away...

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I think it looks awesome so far. I actually think the graphical jump is still pretty nice. Anyway, we have only just started the new generation life of consoles. As time progresses I'm sure that as the devs begin to get to grips with the hardware and so on even more, the graphics will look incredible. Compare some of the first PS3 games to something like the Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls and the graphical and technological jump is huge.
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I think it will be an awesom game! I already have my copy I just have to wait until next Friday to play it. The campaign was always better then the Call of Duty series and the multiplayer always destroyed COD in my opinion. Now that my suspicions were confirmed and Ghost is a failure as we all expected. The best 2 shooters of 2013 will be Shadow Fall and Battlefield 4.

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I'm still slowly playing the campaign. I find it really boring... and looking at the trophy list, I'd say the majority of gamers agree with me. I believe it is Chapter 4 that is somewhere around 40% completion rate and then it sharply drops from there, with something like 12% of gamers having finished the final chapter.

I put the game in again yesterday for the first time in a week and was amazed by the lack of fun I was having. I want to finish the damn game so I kept at it, and eventually started to enjoy it a little bit... but now that I've put it down again... I'm not really looking forward to picking it back up.

It's gorgeous, I'll give it that... but the story's delivery is so poorly paced and filled with such boring set pieces that it yanks me out again and again.

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I find this game really beautiful, these are 80 screenshots that I find impressive: