Yes, it's that good. Great multiplayer, stunning graphics and best handheld FPS ever. Thanks Guerrilla Cambridge.

User Rating: 9 | Killzone: Mercenary VITA
It's hard times for the PS Vita. Time goes on and it looks like the best handheld ever can't get the support it deserves. In one year and a half only two games have really stood out in the console for me. Yes, there were a lot of 8 score games, but only 2 games passed the 9 score test. I'm talking about Gravity Rush and Soul Sacrifice (I don't mention Persona 4 because it's a remake). Many videogame journalists are even talking about how the PS Vita is dying, if not dead already. I refuse to believe them, and thanks to Guerrilla Cambridge the hope of every Vita owner should be restored.

The first thing I'm gonna talk about is the graphics. Yes, I know graphics doesn't make a game excellent by themselves, but holy shit... AT LEAST! At least a Vita game shows the console's graphical potential. Thanks Guerrilla Cambridge, seriously guys, you should be really proud for being the guys who showed the world what the Vita is graphically capable of. The menus and interfaces are very Killzone-ish, which is good. The stages design is excellent, perhaps the game lacks a bit of variety in this aspect, but this is Killzone's world, so I wasn't expecting lots of different scenarios. The ones the game offers are awesome and I'm very content with that.

The single player mode is awesome. Yes, the campaign is too short, but playing it at Veteran difficulty is a very fun and challenging experience. Besides there are different ways to play every chapter (in order to get some medals), so again, I'm satisfied. Of course some DLC would be really cool, but all in all the game is more than ok already.

SOUND 7/10
The sound aspect is ok, not brilliant, not mediocre, just good enough to keep you immersed in the game. The weapons sound alright and you can hear other players steps. The soundtrack is good, typical FPS melodies, etc…

The control layout is very good, the touch screen controls works perfectly. Perhaps the only imperfect thing is the sprint/crouch thing assigned to the same button, but once you get used to it it's easy to use properly. Also, I find kinda hard to throw grenades accurately, but I guess I'll learn hah.

The multiplayer mode is what most players were interested in and Guerrilla knew this, so they created a great online experience for us. I only needed two hours playing online to get addicted to it.

I hope every Vita owner who love this kind of games buy this ASAP and support Guerrilla Cambridge for developing something seriously good for our precious console. It's really funny/sad how COD:Declassified costs 50$ and this superb game is for 40$.
I've seen some 'pro' reviewers have given this game scores like 6/10.
Please, do yourself a favor and ignore them, because this game is by far the best FPS ever seen in a handheld device.