Multiplayer still ****ed?

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Hey i have not been able to get in ONE game? Is there any fix for this yet? I love the game though otherwise.
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I played the holy hell out of the Beta when I had it, but now that I have the full game I haven't even tried to play multiplayer, as I've just been playing the single player campaign. Last night I got this email though. "Thank you very much for your purchase of Killzone Mercenary. Due to an unforeseen technical issue, the Double XP pre-order bonus has not been functioning properly. We apologize for the inconvenience and we're pleased to report that the issue has been resolved. When you redeem this voucher code, you will have the Double XP bonus, lasting for 48 hours. We hope you're enjoying Killzone Mercenary for the PlayStation Vita system. See you all online! The Killzone Mercenary Team" Has anyone seen a increase in "multiplayer greatness"? Cause it sure seems like a lot of folks are not happy with the multiplayer.
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I still havent been able to join a game and ive tried about 50 times. Boooooo.
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Sucks for you man, I've been able to play multiplayer just fine since release. Occasionally it will say that I can't connect to the host or something like that, but I will try again and it will work again.