Like a British version of Left 4 Dead mixed with Horde Mode. A great co-op/single player only experience.

User Rating: 8 | Killing Floor PC
Killing Floor was once a mod for Unreal Tournament and now it's a full game using Unreal Engine v3 and it's awesome. A fun, fast paced experience. Killing Floor immerses you by pitting you against specimens without the use of a reticule. This game of course has its flaws including that all players have the same voice actor and that there's not any female characters to play as and so there's no female voice actor. It's also not the greatest looking game but it's definitely fun and slow motion activates for all players when something awesome happens like a headshot or, sometimes, an explosion.
It's also pretty awesome that the game changes enemies and adds a new map specific to Halloween and Christmas.

Presentation: There's no campaign or story behind it all and so you start out completely clueless as to what's going on. It took me a while to get used to controls, enemies, environments which I've still yet to get used to, and buying from the trader.

Gameplay: It's fairly the same as Counter Strike in the sense that you have to switch to a knife to melee and other individual items and weapons. There's a lot of weapons and it's been updated since I've first played it so it's possible that there's more to come.

Graphics: Uses Unreal Engine v3 and looks really good. While not amazing, it looks really good for a game for cheap.

Sound: The characters sound the same but with so much to say, it's great to hear them speak it all. The gunshots sound impressive for such a great game and with a soundtrack like this, this game is an amazing deal.

Lasting Appeal: There's classes to level up and Steam has achievements. Plus there's special content on Halloween and Christmas. You'll be at this game for a while.