Killing Floor is worth every penny!

User Rating: 8.5 | Killing Floor PC
Zombies flying around, trying to kill you and you still have a smile on your face, this is just how fun this game really is.

Killing Floor is a very pleasing game indeed! This game is all about action and suspense, from the first monster you kill and until you meet the patriarch this game delivers on its promise. This game is not to be confused with L4D in any way, they are both worlds apart. This game is all about multiplayer mayhem against hordes of monsters.

The graphics are solid, and especially for this kind of title, considering that the game runs on an older graphics engine, one can't complain when everything is cranked up... these visuals have aged gracefully.

There are lots of weapons to choose from ranging from an axe to rocket launchers.

And for 15 bucks this game is really a no brainer.

there are 5 maps ranging from a barn to the streets of London, every map is vast and there is lots of room to explore. Note you can get additional maps on various websites, this i due to the fact that the game comes with an SDK, so mods and custom maps are to be expected which will give this game longevity.

Top it all out with groovy metal music and you have a true steal in the form of Killing Floor, which for the price is unbeatable.

Now the game has enjoyed numerous free updates that have added tons of new weapons great new maps and a new class for you to play, and even to this day no other zombie game can touch it. I've bought and played Left 4 Dead 2 and found it to be a very solid game, but it could not compete with Killing Floor's fun factor and scare factor. When you play this game you get surprised and even jump out of your seat it is THAT intense! This is the definitive zombie killing co-op game.

A true bang for your buck, go get it!