Repetitive and unvaried, but I'm yet to get bored playing Killing Floor.

User Rating: 8 | Killing Floor PC
Killing Floor really doesn't seem like the sort of game I would normally be so into. In terms of variety there are six 'classes', around five different weapons for each class, limited enemy types and quite a few maps. Usually this quantity of content would not be enough to sustain my interest for long but the game is put together in such a way that it really doesn't bother me.
If you're not yet familiar with the basic concept of Killing Floor then in brief summary it is an online multiplayer survival mode game in which players can choose to take different roles (or classes) and work together to take down waves of zombies in progression of difficulty. There isn't really much more to it than that but the satisfaction you gain from taking the heads of hordes of zombies doesn't wear off as quickly as you may expect.

Killing Floor is the sort of game I would play I would retire to at the end of the day when I can't be bothered to rack my brain. A bit of pure brutal fun, a test of reactions and some team co-operation.