Killing Bore

User Rating: 8 | Killing Floor PC
If you have played Left 4 Dead then you would enjoy this gem. I wasn't initially going to play this game but I noticed its growing popularity on Steam. Having already compared it to L4D I will continue on that bullet. This game isn't a clone at all. It's graphics are a little dated but the game makes up for it in action and stability. It's a match based co-op where your team is pitted against multiple waves of enemies. At the start of the session and in between each wave you have 60 seconds to stock up on ammo and weapons from a merchant. The merchants shops are placed in different locations on each map. Having only 60 seconds to make your purchases you don't always make it. Sometimes you end up hoofing it across the map to only have the door close in your face and you with nothing but a knife. It's a horrible feeling being stuck with nothing but your boot knife.

There is a currency system in game that helps you purchase new weapons. Your team mates can give you some of their stash and you also gain funds through each wave. There is a nice selection of weapons ranging from melee to explosives and guns. The perk system is set in to help you have an edge on your particular play style. You can have certain bonuses for whatever area of expertise you want to specialize in at the time. This can be changed in game and during your visit to the merchant, if you make it.

The difficulty fluctuates each enemy wave and the number of enemies continue to grow. The enemies vary more as you progress also. You start with your run of the mill zombies and work you way up to the main bad man who is a beast to kill. Some enemies are armed with melee weapons while some have a rocket launcher.

The sound track is well mixed and entertaining to listen to as you play. The sound effects are also good quality.

The only short coming I have seen in this game is the dated graphics but that being said I still enjoyed this far more than LFD. It's fast paced action and it keeps you on edge even in between hordes as you rush back to the merchant as fast as possible.

I recommend owning this one over LFD. This is my happiest buy in a long time. Buy it and good luck making it to the merchant in time.