Guns, things to kill, friends to play this with, groovy!

User Rating: 7.5 | Killing Floor PC
(This is a copy and paste of my quick review I typed out for my Steam Recommendations back in April 2013)

Killing Floor from the sound of things is okay but you'd think at the core it would get boring and bland like how 90% of current FPS's are but you would be really wrong. This game takes the whole surviving waves of enemies in a more controlled experience that doesn't ruin the game one bit to make it more fun.

What I mean is take for example Call of Duty World at War's Nazi Zombie Mode you survive until you die with each wave of zombies more numerous and more powerful. In Killing Floor you have a bit more of a real objective and point to surviving. Depending on your game options you choose in Single Player and Multiplayer you survive a certain amount of waves let's say for example 10 waves, then an 11/10 wave will happen with the main boss showing himself for you to kill then thus you did it you completely survived to live another day or to play another map.

Killing Floor is enjoyable only with friends (from my experience) but if you want to learn the maps whether it's the ones you got packaged with this game or you downloaded some from Steam Workshop to play on a server with you should play Single Player for that only reason. So if you were to say get this game make sure your friends have a copy because otherwise unless you are comfy making new friends in this game your not gonna be enjoying it that much as most of us who play it do.

The music in this game was very intense the first time hearing it the metal dirty riffing to the creepy atmospheric type pieces make the game experience even that more enjoyable. I can't tell you how many times in a intense game that when a metal track comes on while I shoot at all the enemies I just start to headbang to it all.

Enemies in this game was another shocking thing to me you think this game would have the typical affair of things but no it throws out all you know from Call of Duty Zombies and Gears of War Horde out the window with something new at least for me. You have the sort of evolution of enemies if you can call it that. You go from just an unarmed not really threatening zombie like creature called the Clot to a big bulky two big and destructive grinding handed Fleshpound.

That is one thing to note is (not counting mods) depending the time is that these monsters can actually change in appearance for a holiday or just for no real reason. When I got this game at the time it was a more Circus themed creatures from clowns to sword swallowers. That's another thing to look out for is when the creatures will change for an occasion.

Weapons in this game for me isn't anything special the only real special weapons is either the DLC Weapons or (in my case) weapons that are too expensive to get in game that I can never use. Heck just only recently while I am typing this out I finally was able to afford a weapon called Husk Fireball Launcher. That is why it's important to stay alive and make sure your kills are confirmed for you 'n not assist kills.

This game also adds in a class system that even now I still have no idea what all the benefits are for fully leveling up all your classes to the max. Though I can say it'll make it easier to buy certain weapons, being able to heal lot more quicker, and tons more additional features with a said class to make the game in a way more strategy then just a filler of data on your game.

Characters in this game normally package aren't that great and you may only pick Pyro Red/Blue like I have since to me it's the only likable character. There is DLC Characters that are better 'n well silly but like the DLC Weapons you gotta pay for them.

Levels you get with the game are enough for me to keep playing this game a lot though the custom maps add more replay value. You can download them from Steam Workshop for this game or certain servers may only use custom maps that will force you to download them before you can join the game.

Let's wrap this up, Killing Floor is a fun Co-Op Survival game that can be enjoyed for the hardcore and even casual audience. All you need is friends to play with and you will be set for a long time with this game.