good co-op fun

User Rating: 7 | Killing Floor PC
this game is simple just survive wave after wave of monsters or hillybilly zombies ,with friends or by yourself ,much more fun with team ,there tones of weapons and perks to unlock and achivements there also a variety or maps aswell ,i got this a couple weeks ago on steam and have enjoyed it there dedicated servers for this and you can create your own matches aswell and for 5 bucks i couldnt go wrong ,the look of the game isnt great but alot better than i thought it would be ,it runs well online and the connection to most games are good,bascially when a level is finished you have a certain amount of time to get to the gunshop which changes location each time and depending on how many weapons you it will affect your speed ,so you will play with your inventory alot ,the aiming on this game is good there is a sorta guntime where it slows down everything which looks cool when you play by yourself but can be annoying if playing co-op as a teamates gunslowmo goes into place you might be trying do something else which can affect your game,that was the only complaint that i had for this shooter,i guess a story mode would of been good to ,but its just a shooter plain and simple wont win any game of the year awards but is harmless fun with friends also the voice acting in it is british which i find very funny ,so i give it a solid 7 /10