The slo-mo is kind of annoying

User Rating: 7 | Killing Floor 2 PS4

I really do love this game. It's quick nature appeals to me in my current state of gaming. There isnt a story to try to swallow you can just pick your character and shoot enemies.

Theres lots of different weapons some more creative than others. I would love more creative weapons like the flame thrower and nail gun.

One time i went to play this game after i had it uninstalled for a long time and when i went to the vault tab in the menu it got stuck counting money forever. Like seriously 30 minutes i couldnt do anything.

My biggest problem with this game is just that the slo mo is kind of annoying, I dont know what triggers it but i think its just randomly. If you could have a button to press that would activate it i would love this feature. but it happening just randomly kind of sucks in my opinion . it never happens at a good time its always like in the middle of me reloading so it takes forever to reload.