The best horror shooting I've ever played. PC Review

User Rating: 9 | Killing Floor 2 PC

This is a multiplayer review for PC.(is there even a single player?)

The best horror shooter I've ever played. Very fast paced, the number of enemies can easily overwhelm you if you do not work as a team. All the monsters/bosses are extremely lifelike and creepy. This game will give you 12 year old nightmares.

Graphics are fantastic and with multiplayer matches lasting usually around 30 minutes this is a great before bed or during lunch break.

Many many different weapons from flamethrowers to RPGs to S&W500 revolvers. Whatever you want, it's there. VOIP in the game is good and allows for more teamwork. It's also nice there's tons of player dress customization. For instance my character is a WW2 soldier, he has a stahlhelm and period uniform with boots whereas another player could be a priest or a raver punk with a mohawk. Tuns of cool customization options.

What really bumps this game from 8 to 9 is the fact that two years down the road they are still updating, adding new maps and content even though they've not asked for a penny more or some stupid "Season pass" like other games would.

Grab it, you'll enjoy it.