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User Rating: 9 | Killing Floor 2 PS4

As the current and recent zombie efforts of the COD games have been lacking my humble opinion, I was looking for a new horde mode game and this delivered.

The 9GB patch that installed when I first put the game in was off putting - I can't deny that, but the game makes up for that minor hiccup.

While you can play solo, the true joy comes in playing online with others.

If you're curious about the game, check out some YouTube videos - what you see is what you'll get - a polished, fun horde mode game and that's it. You're not trying to turn on machines or do this or that like in COD zombies - all you have to do is survive.

And the price was nice. I paid $50.00CDN and didn't feel ripped off and I think the game is sale for less now.