The most underrated and overlooked game of last gen

User Rating: 9.1 | Killer7 GC
It's weird. It's scary. It's bloody. It's fun!

It's definitely not a game for everyone, especially those with sensitive moral issues...but the game definitely lives up to all the hype it builded over the course of gamecube's life. The story is incredible, probably one of the best i've ever seen in a game. The gameplay style may not appeal to move through the levels on rails, change prospective into first person when needing to attack. Some basic puzzles, tons of amazing environments and the 7 assassins concept with 1 personality keeps players entertained through out. The soundtrack is probably the best in a game also...I am eagerly awaiting No More Heroes.

-Art style is original
-Story is outstanding
-Soundtrack is top notch
-Pacing is perfect

-some may dislike rails gameplay
-mayb be too mature for young audience