Man...great I always wanted to play this game and when I finally did I wasn't let down. I got hooked on a killer 7.

User Rating: 9 | Killer7 GC
This game is great I love the crazy plot and the weapons, Sure you only get the weapons for the people your using but SO WHAT, there great the upgrades are a must also, you can't expect to hit the blood clot everytime when there rushing at you but you can sure as hell try.

Now about graphics and stuff. I'm not really impressed with these cell shaded graphics. ITS CELL SHADING. The developers dont need to worry about realism and clothing textures but that doesnt stop you from playing.

Gameplay: Wow, i thought you cant roam freely? wierd BUT NICE, Its works great and is more fun and exciting than you could think. It also adds some puzzles to your adventure and if your memory is good you can always hit the direction of the door and enter it just as if you were blowin down te door with a shotgun. lol. The LAUGH IS SCARY. OMG i was scared but then i pulled out my revolver hahah BAM. no more baddy monster suicide bomb demon SMILE.
Love the disembodiment effects and the blood coming to you, a very nice touch.

Controls are just like gameplay wierd at first but so well suited for such a game. Not very difficult to get use to aiming is fun and gruesome. NOW FOR DIFFICULTY: you know it really depends. How much upgrade do you have and whats your favorite person to use? Mine was either CAYOTE or DAN. and the Libre is a nice explosion to every corner. I hadreally not much trouble with the difficulty. The main problem I had was the damn puzzles, i always forgot the damn passwords or what to do. but for the most part the puzzles aren't very difficult.

OH and you WILL DIE atleast 5 times through the game because well

its hard at first to know what to do. But keep at it.