Man....what a game. If only there was more of this type.

User Rating: 8.5 | Killer7 PS2
Killer 7 is a stealth/psychological thriller based game. It is based on politics and how corrupted it can be. The game is so confusing that you'll find the game difficult to play through. There's so much things to consider during gameplay and by the time you complete the game, your so worn out but feel as if you wasted your time. Not that the game is bad but because there are so many unanswered questions that demands an answer. It leaves you thinking and I've developed a liking for this genre. The game's storyline has a dark shade filled with twisted violence making this some what an insane game. There are several plot twists and several tragic scenes. Heck, the ending sucked but I won't spoil it. Some might love it, some might hate it.

Enough about the game's weirdly sickening story, on to the main game itself.

Cell-shaded 3D graphics. They don't work that well with the realistic plot. It just makes the game feel more unreal and crazy but I'm happy about that cause if the graphics looked realistic, I'd have been freaked out. The violence looks better this way. People who have played XIII will know what I mean.

Basic controls. Nothing difficult and it just takes a minute to learn. Nothing frustrating except that you need to be quick to react in some situations, so keep your thumbs ready for some action.

A great plot, makes the game feel highly cinematic. It's more like a Hollywood blockbuster plot except presented in an interactive form. Good and is based on politics.

Nice and gory. The first-person style however can be annoying at times since everything looks to smooth that you can't quite act fast enough to kill your opponent.

The game was highly challenging with a lot of difficult puzzles to solve. The game is definitely worth renting but I'm not sure if you should buy it unless you have played it before and liked it.

It's a different type of story but I certainly had a swell time playing it.