Underappreciated and overlooked in many ways. In it's attempt to stray from the norm Killer7 left us with unique beauty.

User Rating: 10 | Killer7 PS2
Where to begin? I don't want to go into too much depth, because you really have to play it to understand the hype or lack of depending on your preferred style of gameplay, however, if you are looking for something that doesn't give a damn how the media perceives it, then game is worth every penny. So, I think I'll start with the general style of the game. I gathered that many folks were unfamiliar and perhaps even uncomfortable with the graphical appearance and the ''on-rails'' movement, but i felt it was brilliant. The games' visual style was refreshing and gorgeous to look at due to it's standard, bold simplicity and range of flat colours. The camera angles were pulled off fantastically also, so combat felt smooth and unusual as well as easy once you got the hang of it. The soundtrack was fantastic as well. It created a strange, moody atmosphere at many points in the game, almost to a point where it was spooky. A good example would be when playing as Garcian Smith (one of the main characters in the game). You start off in a strange location that I can only describe as a camper van. Before you start any other level you will start here, as you start off playing as Garcian before you get a chance to have fun with the other 7 assassins (to be continued). At first it seems a bit pointless as you have to navigate the same route to get out each time, every time, but it later makes sense near the end of the game. While in this camper van, you can hear what is quite clearly the sounds of men screaming, presumably in pain or in episodes of madness. It's open to interpretation, but nevertheless, it's the little things like this that stay with you, and the game is jam packed with them. The enemies are often frightening and come in a wide variety to keep you on your toes as well as interested. Playing as 7 different characters kept you guessing also, as you needed to use each of them for certain puzzles in order to progress. To put it lightly, the Killer7 are weird. They all have their own strange and wonderful combat styles and in fact, you could say most of them are based on stereotypes i.e the mexican wrestler, the criminal, the silent deadly one and so on. You never find out a great deal about them, but they are a joy to play as, and it all ties in together at the end, which I'm sure everybody would love. It's a delicate twist for sure. Going back to the puzzles, while they are relatively easy on a lower difficulty, the higher difficulties would invariably make things trickier, especially if one of your 7 assassins hit the deck and the dude I mentioned earlier, Garcian Smith, would be called in to collect them in a body bag in order to revive them (another fine touch might i add). The definitive main character in the game, Harman Smith (an elderly wheelchair-bound man who appears to be the boss of Garcian and the Killer7) is probably the most mysterious. You can play as him at certain points and you can see him in a few cut scenes. He appears to be in control of most situations, but at many points in the game, you can find him in an unhealthy state, (grunting, barely talking) being abused by his supposed carer in the simply titled ''Harmans' Room''. Strange indeed. Also, throughout the game you can talk with victims of the Killer7's past in the form of creepy ghosts who talk in an indescribable voice and give advice and useful information. At the best of times the game will confuse you in every way, but it just makes things more fun. I loved it, and I'm positive if people gave this game more time, it would leave an impact as strong as the likes of Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil, because it is truly a memorable gaming experience.