Personally, one of my favorite gaming experiences.

User Rating: 8.1 | Killer7 GC
"Step Into the Mind of an Assassin", that's what the box says and so you think it's another Hitman-esque game, right? Wrong. Killer7 is unlike any other game in the genre, in that it's artistic yet stylish, fun yet unchallenging, story driven, but with a lack of coherent story elements. It's a grab bag of delight, in a manner of speaking. Killer7 places you at the helm of seven different persona's, all seeming to stem from a geriatric man named Harman Smith. The Smith Syndicate are famous assassins known for their unique style. I won't bore you with the details, so let's just get right to it. Where Killer7 shines is its story. I'm a gamer who enjoys a good story over anything else, and Killer7's story has been the first to leave me scratching my head. It's mesmerizing and completely unforgettable, even if it lacks standard story development. By the end, you'll most likely be confused, but as you play through and pay more attention, things will start to click and you'll begin to slowly piece together every little detail. Another positive perk is the music. It's quite a great soundtrack. From the subtle elevator music to blaring, bass-heavy techno, the music gives the areas a sort of ambiance that is usually reserved for RPGs or stellar FPS games. But there are also a good deal of faults. The gameplay consists of on rails walking, puzzles that are facepalmingly obvious, and repetitive shooting battles. There are a few boss fights that require you to think a bit, but regular combat, at least on the normal difficulty, boils down to "shoot the glowing spots". On harder modes, you have no indication where best to shoot and enemies will be more ferocious, like a survival horror game without the survival. But Killer7 should not be played for the shooting or the puzzles, Killer7 should be played for the outstanding story. It's not for everyone, but if you enjoy a great story with a unique cast with some muddied gameplay, Killer7 is for you. It was one of the most underrated games of the last gen. At least give it a rental to check out its story, it's that good. And, like a good game, you'll keep coming back for more years down the line.