loop hole found with Shadow Jago he has should be free

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I have found a loop hole, Due to the events around Shadow Jago I believe that Shadow Jago or Shago for short should be free for the people who Own any of the following DLC bundles via changing the terms and conditions behind Shadow Jago being a part of the season 1 content.

Season 1 Combo beaker pack. < Possible

Season 1 Ultra edition pack < Possible

Season 1 Pin Ultimate Edition. < yes

The Killer Instinct: Season 1 & 2 Complete Collection. < Out right


The history behind this content / character


Shadow Jago was made as a Exclusive To anyone who had the Day one Gold card back when the xbox one was Just made, he was pushed as a extra skin as Jago, But had his own character model with in the game when KI was in it's first season.

On April 9 2013 This would be conformed as when then the game was Updated around that time, The character model would be updated to have a Boss variant wile the player variant of shadow Jago was still more or less a clone.

After this people/fans requested a update that gave the player variant Shadow Jago His own move set but at that time he would still be exclusive to anyone who had, the day one gold card, This is proven by a you tubers like Maxamillion and Acid Glow who have Videos on and around that time before the season two update was made.

Fast forward to 2015, the new team working on Season 2 Iron Galixy started rework him to have his own move set, this was done after making a offer that he would be able to be used if anyone had paid for the Killer Instinct community fund bundle wile letting anyone who had him before via the day one gold card.

With that it changed the terms of shadow jago's exclusivity as stated above a little bit later they announced on 12/4/2015 that he would be going on sale for a limited time wile hinting at he may or may not turn.

In their words they state " You’ll notice in the video that Shadow Jago is available to purchase from December 18th-January 15th. That means that if you already attained Shadow Jago through either the Community Fund Bundle or via Xbox Live Day One Gold you have access to him starting on December 4th. Enjoy the 2 weeks of exclusivity "


How does it mean the terms have changed for Shago's Distribution?


Well with that statement above they have changed the termed of the exclusivity in two clear ways and another possible way.

The clearest way here is that if falls under the fact that anyone with the Season 1 Pin Ultimate Edition Or The Killer Instinct: Season 1 & 2 Complete Collection.

With the Season 1 Pin Ultimate Edition, It was advertised as :

The game also features all the Killer Instinct Ultra Edition content, which includes:

All Season 1 characters (8 )*

Season pass for all costumers (8 ) and accessory packs (16)*

Early access to all Season 1 content

Original Killer Instinct Classic Arcade game

Note the asterisks, In text an asterisk used to mark printed or written text, typically as a reference to an annotation or to stand for omitted matter, with in the this content Shadow Jago would be omitted from the characters and accessories due to his availability locked exclusively to the bundle and Limited edition day one gold one year card.

But seeing how his availability well be no longer locked exclusively the bundle nor Limited edition day one gold.

Because he will be able to be paid for by anyone for a even if it for a limited time because with in that time frame he isn't exclusive, and as stated before he is a Season one Fighter, who was updated In season two, therefore he will be far game for the

The 2nd reason is the Killer Instinct : Season 1 & 2 Complete Collection Is advertised as : This is the biggest KI bundle we offer! This pack gives you EVERY Killer Instinct Fighter from both Season 1 and Season 2 Ultra Editions - a total of 17 fighters!

This would be wrong because it says you get EVERY Killer instinct fighter, IF shadow Jago isn't in the Bundle, then it isn't completed it would and will be a Pin Ultimate Edition holders who don't have him.

meaning that for the time being it Voids the Which nullifies their previous exclusive to X deals because anyone can buy him at that time, there for anyone who owns anything those entitles them to Shadow Jago as advertised at no Extra charge As stated by the bundles that have stated above, other wise it would be a blatantly untrue statement with in the bundles above.

In short Deceptive advertising AKA false advertising because of not only the words used, but the change in nature on how to adtain Shadow Jago and Voiding the claim of exclusively, Witch is Defined as

: not shared : available to only one person or group

: only allowing in people from a high social class

: available to only a few people because of high cost

: to the exclusion of others; only; solely.

Under the context of being exclusive to the Day one gold holders Killer Instinct community fund bundle holders, because he is being made available to all who wasn't able to get a day one gold card OR didn't want to pay 20 dollars of Jago, yes you could say it was because of the gold, But when people did get the bundle it was for or less for Shago when compared to everyone else being 5 - 6 dollars, to them the price was an high cost.

Witch again Voids the terms of Jago's exclusively because it removes the Exclusion of the people who didn't have the day one gold or paid for the community fund bundle


What about the season one Ultra and Combo breaker Bundles?


Well it would have up to how the devs feel the Ultra edition states

The ultimate KI experience. Includes Jago, Sabrewulf, Thunder, Glacius, Sadira, Orchid, Spinal and Fulgore, 8 costumes, 16 premium accessory packs, and KI Classic game (ESRB:Mature). Fight On!

But Oddly the combo breaker pack states in it's Description:

Get all Season One characters - includes Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Thunder, Sadira, Orchid, and Spinal. Also includes Fulgore DLC character. Fight On!

Seeing how it says get all Season one characters / fighters it would be fair game as well as stated before that

this would and most likely can fall under false advertising because misleading for because the ultra edition states that it's the ultimate KI Experience, it comes with all but Shadow Jago.

wile combo brake states that you get all season one characters, witch would also include Shadow Jago, there for the ultra edition would also have to include Shadow jago

In short one big Advertising loophole