6 characters only?are u kidding me?

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When KI was announced at E3 i was pumped but still skeptical for some reason.Maybe because i did not like the least KI they made.But this one looks just like the original which is great news.However,my skeptisizm was right about this game and has confirmed my decision NOT to buy the XBONE.

How in the world are you only going to give this game 6 characers which all do not even come w/ the game?...you have to purchase them...really?...Where is TJ combo and Fulgore my 2 favorites in the series.i was really debating on buying a Xbone all week.This game will be great but,not yet.i have to wait all the way for like season 3?Which will be like,next year?...GIVE ME A BREAK MICROSOFT.What a way to ruin an experience.Can't even have a good full roster on launch day and i'm but all the characters.

Ryse was the other game that caight my fancy but i'm hearing things about poor replay value.With all of this said,i still would have bought an XBOX1 just for KI alone.yep.KI alone...but now your telling me i can only have 6 characters?,,,,,Really?,,,,i'm not spending $500 to play 6 characters...Screw you Microsoft.i'm done.Finished with it.

i can only hope that KI comes out for PS4.(you never know)Look at Metal Gear.i also hope Ryse comes playable to PS4 sometime too.i am very curious to see how that RT trigger w/ rumble feature will feel in actual gameplay.Other than that,XBONE has completely lost me as a consumer until new about the next HALO

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From what I understand there are still another two characters that will be released, which I believe are Cinder and Fulgore. Still, I will agree that with a healthy roster of people, they should bring back more (Maya, Combo, and Riptor, personally.)