Hope you haven't got coulrophobia, because then this is not a game for you.

User Rating: 6.8 | Kid Klown no Crazy Chase SNES
In this game you play as a clown named Klown. So in case you didn't know what coulrophobia was, its the fear of clowns. This is a fun little game, which probably got overlooked by many people. In the game you run from the top top the bottom, before the bomb explodes. However you also have to collect four symbols (spade, diamond, heart and club, get it?) before you reach the bottom. Of course you don't just run, and collect stuff, you also have to avoid things. This is definitely where the game is at it's greatest, where you fall down and then suddenly your behind the timer, and have to make it up, but still remember to collect the items. The graphics are pretty good, though nothing impressive. The sound is equally plain, bordering on nuisance. It is a fun, but not impressive game, that should try if you have the chance.