The best game Nintendo has done since Super Mario Galaxy.

User Rating: 9 | Kid Icarus: Uprising 3DS
Nintendo has been making some questionable decisions lately. The Wii-U is unimpressive, the 3DS is sub-par, and letting Namco-Bandi develop the next smash Bros. is also questionable. Despite all this, Nintendo has developed a game and a world that can stand tall next to the likes of Mario, Link, and Pikachu. That game is Kid Icarus Uprising.

Kid Icarus Uprising has beautiful graphics, an RPG caliber story, amazing music, excellent multi-player and a clever weapon system. On the unfortunate, the game also has a difficult camera and control system. Kid Icarus is best described as a third person shooter with a deep weapon and power management system like in an RPG. The story game play is divided into "chapters." Each chapter is cut into 2 segments, air and land. In the air, you will be flying on rails, shooting down enemies. Land is where is gets more interesting, here you have full control of Pit's movements. Also, land combat is where your power and weapon choices are the most important. BUT, on land is where the control become an issue. The camera is permanently locked into strafe, this means that it stays fixed no matter who pit moves or what attacks him. That is the source of the control problem. You have to constantly
swing the camera about to target your foes. It is difficult at first, but I quickly got the hang of it and now it is not a problem. The best part about land combat is that the stages are not linear, there are tons of hidden areas to explore and secret weapons and powers to collect.

The weapon system is very deep, but not overly complex. The main focus of the weapon system is fusion. You can take 2 weapons the you have collected and mesh them together, keeping most of the attributes of each weapon. The power system is also simple but engaging, you are given a grid and every special power is a certain shape, so you must fill your grid with as many useful powers as you can.

Kid Icarus Uprising's story also deserves a special mention. The plot is deep with plenty of twists, the characters are engaging, and the story is incredibly long. I don't want to spoil the ending, but by the time you beat Medusa and the forces of evil, your mind will be blown.

In a time where Nintendo's future is uncertain, it's good to know that this amazing company can still make gold. I hope to see more from Pit, Palutena, and all the rest of the loveable characters in the world of Kid Icarus.