Kid Icarus: Uprising is well worth the $40 price tag and I will be playing it for months to come and then some

User Rating: 9.5 | Kid Icarus: Uprising 3DS
Kid Icarus: Uprising is a game that is a mix of air combat and land combat. I know that every other review online says the controls are awful and will possibly even ruin the experience but that was not the case for me. Now I think I can speak for people with big hands because i'm 6'6" so it's not just a case of tiny hands the controls are perfectly fine. The solo mode is chapter based with the user controlling Pit, an angel who was granted the power of flight by the goddess Palutena and guiding him through the campaign fighting different enemies from the underworld army. The story is better than expected for a game that doesn't really require one to begin with and has some twists that the player won't see coming. During the fights the characters will talk to each other with sarcastic dialogue and other comments referencing older games and today's economy which is highly entertaining. The campaign will last about 10-15 hours depending on the difficulty and how thorough you are with each area. The difficulty can be increased in a sort of gambling system which lets you bet hearts(the games form of currency) to make the foes stronger and the risk bears more reward. The higher the difficulty the more hearts will be dropped by enemies and the better weapons will be found. Weapons are a big part of the game as there are many different forms and they can be fused to form stronger ones. There are over 100 possible weapons and different stats for each weapon. Abilities are granted to the player in a sort of tetris board set up limiting the amount that can be brought into battle. Aside from the highly replayable single player portion of the game the multiplayer is highly addicting and while playing online you can win rare weapons and abilities that can be carried over to single player and vise versa. Multiplayer is a choice of free for all of light vs. dark. Light vs dark has two teams of three going head to head and every time a player dies their teams total life bar drops and when it reaches zero the last player to die becomes either light of dark pit. Pit is much stronger than the other characters and when either pit is defeated that team loses. Overall the multiplayer is a great addition to an already terrific game.
In this review i've only covered the basics of what is an enormous game that any 3ds owners owes it to themselves to play.