A very awesome game of a series that hasn't gotten enough credit. It should please both old and new fans to the series

User Rating: 10 | Kid Icarus: Uprising 3DS
Story: The story is really good with good voice acting and funny dialogue. They throw in references to other nintendo games like Nintendogs and Super Smash Bros and a plot twist that didn't see coming and I really liked it. The story mode is split into three parts:

Air Combat: Where you fly through the air shooting at enemies while using melee combat on enemies that are really close to you. Each enemy you kill will give you hearts. This will last less than 5 minutes as that's all the flight time Pit can do or else his wings will burn out.

Ground Combat: This is the longest portion of each level where you go around attacking enemies with either close-ranged melee attacks or long-ranged projectiles. You can pick up food to restore some of your health, items that you can use to damage enemies or boost the power or speed of your attacks and many others.

Boss Battle: You basically battle a boss that get progressively harder the further you get in story mode but each one is fun to play and pleasing to look at.

Weapon-Customization: This part of the game is really enjoyable as you can buy weapons with hearts you've gathered, fuse weapons together to make stronger ones or convert ones you don't want into hearts.

Fiend's Cauldron: You can spend some of your hearts to lower or higher the intensity of the chapter you're about to play. The higher the intensity is the stronger the enemies will be but the you get better rewards for beating them. This is a really great way to change the difficulty of the game so beginners can put it on an easy difficult (1.0-3.0), average gamers can play it on an average difficulty (3.1-6.0), and hardcore expert gamers can play it on hard difficulty (6.1-9.9)

Palutena's Treasure Hunt / Viridi's Treasure Hunt
--By completing certain objectives you can get treasures that range from: Idols to weapons to more hearts to different powers that you can assign Pit and there are also others as well. I've spent hours trying to complete as much of these as possible as once you complete one objective then you get to see the requirements for all the adjacent ones.

AR Cards
--With the game you get 6 random AR Cards that resemble different characters, enemies and weapons from the game and if you put two next each other in the 3DS' camera then you can watch them battle each other. It doesn't affect the game but it is fun to watch.

Multiplayer: Multiplayer is loads of fun and a great way of earning weapons, powers and hearts and you can either play locally or online. My favourite mode is Light Vs Dark where you're on a team of 3 and you're facing another team of 3 and when one person dies their team's life gauge decreases some (it'll decrease more the stronger the weapon of the person who dies is) and when one team's life gauge is empty the person who died last on that team turns into Pit or Dark Pit and the first team to take out the other team's angel wins. The other mode which is also really fun is Free-For-All where you battle against 5 other people and whoever has the most points after the time reaches 0. You gain points by killing another person but you lose points when you die. In each mode you have endless lives.

--A great story with good voice acting and funny dialogue
--Great graphics
--Awesome music
--Plenty of customizable options
--Plenty of extra content
--Is both a great shooter and a great action game

--Controls require getting used to.