Come Fly With Pit.

User Rating: 8.5 | Kid Icarus: Uprising 3DS
Kid Icarus Uprising

Many may remember an old NES game called Kid Icarus that introduced the character Pit and later seeing Pit on Kid Icarus of Myths and Monsters. Pit even appeared in a 1989 cartoon, Captain N The Game Master, and is recently being seen in the Nintendo fans' favorite fighting game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Finally after a long time Pit has come back in his own new and exciting 3DS adventure.

At first, after playing a little of the game I didn't know what I was getting into and didn't totally like the feel of the game. But later the game experience improved and I started to enjoy the game a lot.

The Story

The game starts 25 years later where Medusa, Queen of the Underworld, is revived and trying to take over the world again. Pit, who's an angel who cannot fly on his own without the help of the Goddess Palutena, must fight to save the world from the Underworld Queen and help Palutena gain her trust with the humans. This game shows more than just a hit story line with tons of humor; it shows well performed character development, chemistry between the characters, and very exciting gameplay.

The Graphics

Immediately the players will see that the graphics in this game have improved since the previous games. The art style is a very clean cut anime style. The textures are realistic, but still keep that anime/cartoon feel. Once in a while the game will show a picture of how the enemy was shown in the old pixilated art of the first Kid Icarus games. The 3D element works well with this game as the action pops from the screen. Personally I felt as if I was in a movie theater, watching an action packed A-rated film that will win an Academy Award. What's also nice about this game is that it tells the players their system's battery life: high or low.

The Gameplay

There are two types of gameplay: in flight and on land.

In Flight: At the start of the game the players find a tutorial showing how things work. They learn that they should move with the circle pad, aim with the touch screen, and shoot with an L/A/B/Y button. When I first tried doing these techniques I had a hard time; I was afraid my hands might cramp up or that I might drop the 3DS. I learned quickly that I should have used the stand that comes with the game. After playing the game using the stand, things felt way better as I had more control over how I held the system.

On Land: Again the players have a tutorial and in this part will be using the touch screen to change directions. This technique can get very difficult, especially in areas that an enemy is fast, as the players may not be able to react fast enough. The circle pad is used to move away and dodge attacks. The players will be using L/A/B/Y buttons to shoot and melee attack enemies when close to them, while aiming at enemies with the touch screen. Also the lock-on will go yellow indicating players are using an item. While gathering items the players will learn they can use the L/A/B/Y button to use the items. Also if the players like first person shooters, they can push the X button and get a first person point of view. This move is very cool but can be a bit hard since the players lose sight of what's behind them.

The player may obtain hearts, which are the currency of the game. Hearts can be spent to buy new weapons or they can be offered to the Goddess Palutena. If players collect enough hearts, they can earn achievements. The players may even get new weapons, which they can equip, offer for more hearts, or fuse together to make a stronger weapon. A skill board is available. The players can put the skills in a small block area to equip the skills they feel they may need or want to try out.

One thing to note: the players can replay the levels as much as they want, but also need hearts to play the more difficult levels. Certain places cannot be reached with out playing at a more difficult level. Players have an option of using a practice range to enhance their abilities.

Multiplayer Mode

There are multiplayer modes in this game, so players can fight friends or people online, in a team-death match kind of thing or a free-for-all.

In the team-death match each team is fighting to kill off the other team's angel. If an angel dies, the other team wins. In free-for-all players fight against all other players. After either match ends, players may acquire a few items: idols and hearts.

The Music

Some of the music of the game makes the players feel like they are floating or sleeping in the clouds. The players feel comfort and peace. Other music energizes the players. This music may even send chills down the players' spine, as the feeling of excitement emerges. The music is very refreshing. The shooting/melee attacking does not interrupt the music. Sometimes the story will interrupt the music, but music continues undisturbed.

Some Extras

The game comes with a stand that is very helpful in preventing dropping the 3DS while playing the game. The problem I see with the stand is that it needs a flat surface to rest on. If players are sitting on a park bench waiting for a bus and there are no flat surfaces available to set the 3DS onto, they won't be comfortable playing the game.

Players will learn that they get new AR cards that show off the character's 3d figure on the camera view on the top screen; players can take pictures if they want. The players can use the coins they have earned in an "idol" toss and obtain new idols. Achievements are part of this game. Players want to obtain as many achievements as they can so that they receive new power-ups, hearts, weapons, and idols. The players will make up a huge puzzle that develops as the achievements are unlocked.

A fun thing to do: players can hold down on the menu options, drag the menu options all around, and then watch as the menu options return to their original positions.

Final Thoughts

At first I found myself wondering if I would enjoy this game, but after getting through several levels and learning more about the characters the game became great. The game needs to be played on the stand for the total experience, so buying this game used may be a problem unless Nintendo sells the stand separately. This game deserves to be on everybody's library of video games for the 3DS.