The graphics are really good , the gameplay is great and has a really good story.

User Rating: 8.5 | Kid Icarus: Uprising 3DS
Presentation: 10 (The overall layout and menu designs are great and easy to navigate.)

Graphics: 8.5 (The graphics are really good for a hand held and for even better graphics use the 3D feature, which make them even better)

Sound: (Voice Acting & Music) 9.5 (The Voice acting is so good and they really add personality to the characters. The music is good too and they even use sound effects from the original Kid Icarus.)

Gameplay: 9 (The gameplay consist of shooter, adventure, and hack & slash. Most of the shooter parts are in the air parts of the stage, but can use on land if you have certain weapons. The heck & slash parts are usually on the land parts on the stage and involve using melee attacks. Plus it is an overall adventure. On top of all that the multiplayer is great!)

Controls: 6 (This is the only major down side to the game; the preset controls are weird, uncomfortable, and overall awkward. However like most things in life, you'll get used to them. Also if you still don't get use to them after some time you can change them, but you are still controlling 3 things at once so they are still awkward.)

Lasting Appeal: 8.5 (This one of those games that will make you keep coming back for more. Plus there's so many weapons you can make, you'll want to collect them all.)

Story: 9.0 (The story mixes old & new and is shocking and fun.)

Overall: 8.5