An astounding amount of content... Fantastic online multiplayer... A great storyline... This is no doubt a great game!

User Rating: 9.5 | Kid Icarus: Uprising 3DS
I don't see why anyone wouldn't love this game. It has basically everything that makes a game great, and executes it to exceed current gaming standards. The amount of content alone stowed within this game was enough to make me think I died and went to gaming heaven.

So this game is obviously a sequel to a game made 25 years ago. I heard many rumors about this game for a long time before it came out about a week ago, and I, after willingly going shopping with my mom so she'd take me to a Gamestop, think the rumors didn't do enough of a good job in predicting how good this game would be. The wait, for many eager gamers, was well worth it.

So the story is simple at first. Medusa has been ressurected and it is your job to fight her. You assume the role of Pit, our angelic hero from Skyworld who may be a little child-like considering he is the captain of Palutena's guard. And speaking of her, Palutena is the Goddess of Light who guides Pit through his adventure. However this brings just one minor little flaw into play... The two talk all throughout the mission, along with other characters like Medusa, but as clever and funny the banter may be, the critics have pointed out that it just doesn't stop. I didn't think this took away from the game too much, but it is still a problem I wish they'd done slightly differently.

Now for the content... This game has three tables consisting of 120 achievements each. Some easy, some slightly harder, and some that will make you go insane, but the fact remains, it packs quite a bit of playtime into this little cartridge. After that you can collect Idols, the equivalent of trophies in Super Smash Brothers. These are earned by completeing achievements or through a feature where you launch eggs into the air to create more. Obviously the more you launch, the more likely you are to get a new idol.

Aside from the collectibles, you have weapons. These weapons are divided into nine separate categories: Swords, claws, arms, clubs, bows, staves, palms, orbitars, and cannons. All these weapon classes are further divided into each weapon. Each weapon contains the general function of the class they're located in, but attributes like the strength, range, and abilities set each weapon apart from the others. And finally each weapon has its own stats, like melee/ranged power, and attributes like paralysis or health or speed bonuses. Listing them all would be a pain because there are so many.

The solo mode is great. Each level consists of a fairly difficult flight scene where Pit is flying around, shooting enemies and dodging fire, and then it transitions to a ground scene where he walks around and explores the area, also while shooting enemies and dodging fire. I think that ground stages are easier than the flight stages because you are not limited to one single screen. There is one exception in a later level when all you have room for is one tiny platform. Any more I'd say would be a spoiler. The difficulty is adjustable, which is great for those who are still getting used to the game. The default setting is level 2.0 but you can spend hearts to increase it to 9.0 (which is completely brutal) or 0.0. I've never played below 2.0 because I've never seen the need to. The game's difficulty is just right at 2.0, if not a little easy, but you can go harder for a little price. And if you even make it halfway through the flight scene, it is almost guarenteed you will regain your hearts that you spent.

And if you think the solo mode is great, the multiplayer is even better. You can choose to play on a team of three, or go all out against five other players in a free-for-all competition. The team fight has some complicated mechanics, but you easily figure them out with practice. You start out with a team health bar. As each player dies, their team's bar is reduced based on the strength of their weapon. When it reaches zero, that player who caused it to reach zero becomes Pit (or Dark Pit, if you're on the dark team). Then you are given a random weapon for reasons I don't know why. I would much rather use the weapon I had chosen before the fight than some random, terrible weapon. This has happened on some occasions, and I do not care for it. As for the free-for-all, this does not happen but the difficulty is amped up because instead of having a 1 in 2 chance of winning, you now have a 1 in 6 chance. That and the combat is complete massacre. Sometimes two or more people will gang up on you due to the reticle going haywire, or on other times you are about to kill someone when somebody else steals the kill (and your points). But if you die, it isn't the end of the game. You are revived and have the rest of the time to fight and rack up points.

The one flaw that keeps me from ranking this game a ten is in the story mode. It's great and everything, but I find that there are too many plot twists. While I think the reason for this is to extend the game, and for which I am grateful, they introduced new characters that were never once mentioned in the original and use them for half of the story. I hope I didn't spoil anything too severe...

All in all, the game has had me playing it for five days straight and counting. I look forward to the day when I can finally be a Kid Icarus master. To all you fans out there of the original game, now's your chance. This game is pure gold. I would love to meet the guy who made it and thank him personally on account of all us gamers out there.

Dear Nintendo:

Thanks for making this game such a great sequel!