Yeah, the game is short, but very fun.

User Rating: 8.5 | Kid Icarus: Uprising 3DS
So many people told me not to get this game, because playing as a kid who is firing a bow, and is also a an angel. They told me it was gay and if I played it then I would be a total gaywad Well call me it, because i played and enjoyed this game extremely. It is rather short and has no real challenge since there is no life count. But the thing that makes this game amazing is because they are constantly talking over the game play, yet it doesn't stop you from playing on. That is amazing, and it is nice to have a little humor here and there. The levels in this game are short but full of baddies you have to fight and 24 bosses you have to fight (one you fight twice). The game play differs in your weapon selection. They differ from how fast you are and how fast your shots go. I really hope that they make the sequel rather soon, because of how amazing this game was. Buy it. Don't be scared that someone may call you gay. This game is great. Final Words: This game is worth every penny.